déjà mew

Quite belatedly, here are Sam and Lucy for your viewing pleasure. These two shots should look familiar to many of you who've visited my cat page.

An added treat: go here for a doubletake
cats, yarn and life

I know the S/L shots will look teensy for some viewers - my non-thumbnail copies are huge so I'll have to go to IMG and tweak some more sometime soon to put on for you.

OK I really am going to finish the stinkin' final exam now. :)

2 commentaires:

Christin a dit…

awww, Sam and Lucy are so precious!

I have to check your blog out a little more. Thanks for the link to mine.

I usually share lots of pictures. you can also see more at www.cokatz.com. That site is about to go away though.

Christin a dit…

Btw, I do have a Sam. No Lucy... yet :)