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omgomgomgomgomgomg seriously y'all, I was dreading calling Linksys SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. I just knew it would be like the last two times but I sooooooooooo needed to be wireless again so I can work on school shit here at home this week as much as poss. and not go back into the scary 70's tower of supposed academia until the last possible moment which, I just remembered, is when I have to be at a stupid workshop this Friday. (Why do I always sign up for those things?!)

I hereby retract all the mean thoughts I had about Linksys over the last 6 weeks, except for the ones which pertained specifically to the people I dealt with there the last two times and are to blame for my so dreading calling again. Tonight's guy, Karesh, absolutely rocked and I think he must have been in the same tech support training class as the guy in September who rocked so hard. He was very nice and didn't talk down to me and listened to my Very-Detailed-à-la-Susan sob story (sans actual sobs) and, in short, Made My Entire Year. (which: kee)

Anyway even an all-day workshop on Friday (with a certain someone present who I'm not super keen to spend any more time around than necessary, but there it is) doesn't look half so bad on the horizon now that I can work (and play and waste time and blog and play with photos and make anal lists in my palm pilot software and email everyone & their dog and write catster diaries and log some yahoo group time and some 43things time, among other things) at my DESK again... or at the TABLE, should the mood strike. Will wonders never cease?!

Another really fun thing I've been missing: turning on NPR via the laptop while I'm getting dressed every morning. (Yes there's a radio here in the apt. but you don't know what bad reception is until you've lived here in BFE with a cute $30, 5-yr-old boombox, so I've been doomed to limiting all my NPR access to computers for the last 4 years.)

Anyway.... I must say 2007 is looking pretty good at this point. Strike "pretty good" and input "fantastic" in fact. Esp. when you factor in a great walk today, fun cat time both here and at Brig & Troy's, really yummy cream of celery soup I made, and a fun last few days for myriad other reasons.

Only 2 bits of grey in the sky at this point really. One is Hal's continued malady. Franklin's told me their Whiz Guy will be in the shop tomorrow and should be able to figure it out, meanwhile poor Hal being all alone at their garage all these days...

For those of you who haven't seen Hal lately, here (now that I'm wireless again might as well post a pic!)

The second cloud is the approach of the new semester, of course, but there's nothing for it unfortunately. Still, I have a pretty good schedule this semester, and even tho doing two different levels will be more work it will also make things more interesting, which is almost never a bad thing.

OK I'm going to put all my cords and phone ear thingy and manuals away now and go on with the next thing I was supposed to do here in prep. for school stuff. Plus I think this calls for a toast.

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Jessica a dit…

So did you feel the need to use my bag because I was concerned no one would use my Christmas gifts? Or do you use it on occasion? Just being curious.

POOR HAL! Poor lonely car at the shop. I sure hope his cold gets better sooner than mine has.

Yeah for cat time! Can't wait until I get some!
Miss you.

Susan a dit…

tee hee - no, I do use it on occasion but that would be a good way to remind people to use stuff! :)

Hal will be done tomorrow morning apparently/ostensibly/hopefully... it was the distributor. wackiness.

hope you feel better soon SP!