Thursday Thirteen, v. 7

Thirteen Uncanny Ways That 7 Has Touched My Life

1. this is my 7th TT!!

2. 7am is what time I will be getting to the office this semester

3. Sam and Lucy's names together equal 7 letters

4. if you multiply 7 by 10 you get the number of pounds I lift on the adductor machine at the gym these days

5. 7 is how many nav. sat. trajectory decoys were deployed by Serenity to befuddle the Alliance after Mal and Inara's escape from the companion training house

6. my dad was born in the 7th month

7. if you add up the numbers in my cell phone number, then divide by 5, then subtract 2, you get 7

8. I used 7 apples in my most recent apple pie, which was not enough

9. there were three 7's in the total for Hal's repair today

10. my latest quiche contained 8 eggs, which is only one away from 7

11. 2 years ago my age was divisible by 7

12. the 7th Buffy season is my least favorite

13. the new year ends in 7, silly :)

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19 commentaires:

Rashenbo a dit…

Very clever list! :) You've got mad number mastery...

7 is a good number. I'm sure I have a fortune cookie fortune around here that says so.

Happy T13.

Raggedy a dit…

Very Cute TT!
I enjoyed it..
Mine is up 2
Have a great Thursday!

scribbit a dit…

You're oh so clever! Love the idea.

alyndabear a dit…

This IS a clever idea. I wouldn't have the patience to work out the phone number trick. You are my hero!

And by the way - Cross Stitch is the same novel as Outlander. For some reason, Australia got the odd name. No idea why. (And I agree, I think the first four books are fantastic and the later two are a little less stellar. But I still read. Because I love Jamie. Yep.)

JohnH985 a dit…

Great list. Season Seven of Buffy might have been better if there had been a season eight to show the effects of what happened in that season.

Lisa a dit…

I'm just finishing up season 6 of Buffy - don't tell me season 7 is going to be a disappointment?!

Incog & Nito a dit…


tiggerprr a dit…

Cute list!! :)

Anonyme a dit…

ok, this took some thinking!
Great list.
I was born in the 7th month

Tink a dit…

7 is my lucky number, so I hope 2007 will be a wonderful year. For you too of course!
Thanks for visiting my TT!

Carmen a dit…

Buffy season 7 was a disappointment, I agree. :) Neat list

Anonyme a dit…

Nifty list! And if you add 3 to today's numerical date,4,you get 7. :)

Happy TT!

Louise a dit…

Funny list. Season 7 of Buffy wasn't that bad.....

Angela/SciFiChick a dit…

I don't think I watched Serenity enough times to remember #5!

she a dit…

I'm so confused by #7 - event after learning it's a reference to Serenity I'm still lost ;(

I agree, Season 7 was pretty low and the series finale was just aweful. I can't believe they wrapped it up in such a cutesy manner in less than 60 minutes!

Barbara a dit…

Sounds like you have this thing about 7's. :)

That's God's perfect number. It is all through the scriptures.

Check out my TT

Susan a dit…

Best comment award goes to:

Thomma Lyn!!!!!!!!

woo woo!!!!

Di a dit…

7 glasses of wine before I pass out???

Genki Girl a dit…

I gotta git me one of 'dem linky boxes!!

Loved the 7 / 13 post! Here I am--posting on the 7th of '07--must be good karma! Loved the eggs in the quiche!

I'll check back next week!