So the universe might be trying to tell me something about my singing...

I'm working my patootie off this week to be able (I hope) to go to the Gregorian Chant/Polyphony workshop this weekend with Schola... However maybe someone doesn't want me to make it since last night I dreamt that while we were singing in the workshop this guy was standing next to me and kept feeling my rear end. Luckily I (inexplicably) had five or six empty wine bottles standing next to me in the choir loft and I stopped singing and yelled at him, "If you touch my ass one more time I'm going to hit you over the head with one of my wine bottles!"

He stopped, thank goodness.

Quite ominous, no?! I'm not sure if that means I shouldn't go, or if it's just reminding me to watch out for lecherous fellow choir members, or if it means simply, Wine is good!

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Nathalie a dit…

Wine is good! ;)
Weird dream though!