2 things everybody needs: cats and lasers

How did I miss LASER CATS?! Well the primary reason must be the fact that I don't watch TV, the medium; my TV is actually a simple DVD/vid delivery apparatus, non-cable'd as it is. The secondary reason is probably the fact that LASER CATS was on SNL which I avoid like the plague even when I am around functioning TV sets, since far too often when I've watched it since, say, 1985, I've been disappointed. (Of course the occasional Really Clever castmember and their particular highpoints over the years notwithstanding.) Lots of us who were lucky enough to have been young and impressionable and silly-humor-loving [not that I'm no longer the last two] in time for the first few casts feel this way altho deep down I believe those early shows might well have seemed just as lame to many at the timeas the more recent permutations seem to me.)

However there are those gems once in a while when I do catch SNL by accident, like when staying at Paul and Karen's or something. Here are two bits I'm sorry to have missed but happy to have found by accident online. And certainly, I'm glad that it's easier to check out already-aired SNL stuff now than it was in 1985.



Still, I don't think this holds a candle to Toonces.

Here is a bigger and potentially better quality selection of Toonces fare but since something is wrong with my Quicktime thingy I can't check them out first for you.

Here are some LASER CATS more like one can sometimes find here at Ross Square

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