Am I wrong to assume

that if one of my thighs were noticeably more massive than the other, those of you who know me in person and see me quasi-regularly would call this to my attention? Then how do we explain the fact that only the right leg hole of all of my fun pastel dotted-swiss-wannabe undies are visibly losing elasticity and are about 15% bigger than the left leg holes when you hold up a freshly laundered pair? Very puzzling indeed. And if you're wondering if it's due to my undie application methods, I always put my left leg in first so if any leg holes should be getting undue stress it should be the left ones, no?

It's always something.

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Jessica a dit…

Hm, Yes you know how when you get to know a person and you really really like them and it is hard to tell them, that maybe, that color pea green doesn't look quite like their color?

Nah... Just kidding. I think maybe I would have noticed your one leg was 15% bigger. Or maybe you would have noticed perhaps that no pants ever quite fitting you? ever?

Interesting indeed. hmm.

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