omigosh I REALLY should have gone to the bathroom between classes

The good news is I'm doing great pushing fluids at my cold. The bad news is this last test period is going to be murder.

nyernt nyernt

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trAcy a dit…

i get scared sometimes at those "gotta go?" commercials. ugh. they have them for men and women. is this the fate of us all? i wanted it to be reserved for pregnant women.

of course, there is the crazy astronaut woman/pilot cross-country drive method, a-hem. also not a pretty thought.

these older age troubles show up rather early in "the grapes of wrath." it's why they have gran'ma and gran'pa sleeping in the barn. : )

sorry you have a sickness. pollen is to blame. here, it froze spring flowers dead days ago. and i've been standing around in the wind (easter egg hunts, kite festival previews). so far, so lucky. swollen tonsil thing went with the hormones.

looks like i should be seeing you in email!