13 Views of Jessicasocks, or: If Feet Were Porn Stars

Well the crazy postal service FINALLY brought my belated b-day present from Jessica today. It was awaiting me after pottery. Can you say, "Exceedingly fun Jessica-knit red and purple socks"?! If you can, you might want to do so in a second here. Brace yourself, because they are truly exceedingly fun.

This pic is with the flash, which makes them look pinker than they are in actuality but I think you get a mighty good idea of their exceeding funness already, no?

Here is sans flash, so true colors (funness alert!!!!!!!!) with Miss Lucy beginning her olfactory inspection of the exceedingly fun socks (hereafter referred to as EFS's).

Continued EFS inspection, flash again.

Wait a minute! These EFS's smell like Auntie Jessica!! No wonder they are so interesting nose-wise! (Seriously she was at it a solid 5 minutes. Ah, Lucia, how we love you, you crazy sniffy girl... Right now as I type she is doing her second re-check of her latest poop burial in the litter box. I don't think I've told too many of you that I have an OCD cat... Best save that for another blogpost...)

This one features yonic imagery (even the color plays into it - kee - oh don't EVEN get squeamish on me here - next you'll tell me you never heard of power blood or went to the women's sweat lodge in Tucson); Lucy's inspection nearly complete.

Oh, OK, one more Lucyview, plus quite muscular Susancalf included free of charge.

Close-up so you can see how incredibly well they fit -- like a glove! er, rather, like socks! Hold on there, Mister, that's EFS's to you!!!

Sam Henry condescends to take a whiff as well.

EFS-clad toes plus Sammers' standard smug camera look (secret: it's really the flash that makes him do that but I like the effect).

...And we move to the kitchen in an effort to get sans flash close-ups in the interest of photographic integrity...

My foot on the sink drainboard, in brand spankin' new EFS.

My foot again, looking kind of Dr. Seuss-y, if I may say so.

Another Dr. Seuss foot.

This is actually a thing we used to do with our feet in karate, both for certain kicks and during stretches, but I think it makes your foot look a little obscene. Incidentally when I move my toes back and forth from pointy to this, they make really loud, sinister crunchy noises. It's pretty sickening.

This concludes our EFS fashion show! Everyone should go comment on Jess's blog and let her know how rockin' these socks are! I shall do same, via snail. The only sad thing is how hot it is so I may have to hang them up somewhere over the summer so that I can enjoy looking at them regularly in all their fun red and purple glory.

Jessica Bo Bessica you are too incredible for words. Thank you so very very much. Please ask H. to give you a huge hug and a kiss for me, Sweet Pants. Standard Susan Snail Thank-you to follow. I love you!!!!!!!!!!

ps Jess has pix on her blog of the socks plus construction details for anyone feeling knitty - here's the post!!!

pps - too bad I'm no longer doing TTs since I got 13 pix on here and only just realized the connection... wacky!

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Jessica a dit…

OMG - I am so happy that they got there (finally). And even gladder that they fit! They look good! I was so worried they would be too big or too short!

They are superwash so you supposedly can toss them in the washer and dryer. I know a lot of people still let them air-dry not trusting the dryer to not eat them or shrink them... but they are easy care anyway!