endless summer charm?

Anyone have a charm spell to make this summer infinite? I'm already feeling the end-of-summer panic and it's barely June. I have even had not one but two school anxiety dreams. One was about my never handing out the syllabus in my classes until the 3rd week of school even tho I had them all done early and ready to give out from the get-go. The other was about not being able to find paper at school on which to print the syllabus. Haley was like a huge deluxe hotel and our department had taken over a suite here and there so you had to run around to each of the suites to see what supplies were around. I finally found Teleeda, our admin., but all she had was some kind of fancy stationery that couldn't really be used for my syllabi.

I'm not sure what Professor Trelawney in Divination Class would say about all this. Probably something largely inaccurate but with traces of amazing insight. What I think is it's partly the fact that more than ever before I'm resisting the advent of school (again the contentment angle and not wanting it to go away) and partly the fact that school complicates things in my life that I like having the way I want this summer (I know, I know, it's my job and all, but it's very inconvenient all the same!) and partly some mini-stress-y feelings looming in my head about not having touched any of the Blackboard stuff since the end of that workshop.

Can't do anything about the first parts but I guess next week it's probably time to get some school stuff done. I still have plenty of time if I just do a bit every week or so. So I'll head to the office in the next few days I guess and finish cleaning up finals week fallout and update my homepage (which still has all the end-sem crap on it at the moment). Then I'll start seriously getting all the stuff on the Blackboard courses I want. I'll leave the syllabus updates for after the bulk of the docs on there are updated, then I can just plug the syll's in and be done. Nice plan if you can swing it and work little by little and not leave it all for August 14. Nyernt nyernt.

In the meantime aside from tutoring and babysitting, I've started cutting the quilt at last and plan to finish tomorrow and Saturday, then I can start piecing!! I'll post pix a link away so as to help Jessica not weaken and look before it's done (altho it's up to her if she'd like to watch the progress really; I'm pretty confident they'll like both the fabric and the design). Plus I'm actually being more social than normal: crazy! Besides Andy's and my continued a/v//music//food time I had dinner and girltime with Brig and Kristen last week, I had lunch with Lisa yesterday, there's a John cookout Saturday afternoon, ASF Richard III Sunday, and Girls' Night next Friday.

Holy shit. Sammers just ran thru (I'm in the livingroom) and I guess was going to jump on our little Victorian chair (which is no longer where it is in the pic - it's next to my trunk just inside the door in front of my short FDG bookcase for those who can envision those things) but somehow he slipped or something and ended up with a side face-plant into the wood part of the chair seat. Poor thing. He kind of shook his head a little, then he was purring like mad when I went to check on him so I guess he's OK, altho he has a tendency to purr when he's really excited and sometimes when he's perturbed so all it really proves is that he wasn't unconscious or feeling too weak to purr.

That's about all the poop that's fit to scoop (which is a phrase just newly coined by Yours Truly and I must say I had to giggle several long moments before I could return to typing -- you're welcome to use it but don't forget where to send the love). What can I say? Some stuff is just going OK but not exciting and some stuff I want to keep for me. There really is no news. And nothing to bitch about either, which, bad mood-inducement/prolongation notwithstanding, makes for potentially fun blogging nonetheless. (If you use "notwithstanding" and "nonetheless" in the same thought is it redundant? or just really emphatic? or just unnecessarily verbose? Where's Juliana when you need her?) Oh! I raised lots of my weights at the gym again, especially upper body. I set a goal to do pull-ups by the end of the year. At the moment I'm using the pull-down thingy and I'm pulling 60 pounds. Granted not the same as a pull-up, but almost half my weight and so as I get higher I'll move to the assisted pull-up machine instead so it's training the exact right muscles.

La dee da, la dee da, la dee da, as Annie Hall would say.

Outta here. I'm meeting the new Michelin guy (prior experience so supposedly just convo practice and some periodic grammar supplementing) at 9h so we can figure out a plan. Then gym, then Sabrina Summerfield, who might have a new knock-knock joke for me.

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Johnny Gator a dit…

poop that's fit to scoop is a very interesting play with words there deary. Are you a poet by chance?