uh oh - don't tell Sam and Lucy

Check this out - again from Andy, personal webcrawler par excellence.

It reminds me of that house that was on the news a couple years ago where people had built carpeted walkways (literal catwalks :) up at the top of every wall in every room, with little holes going thru walls from room to room here and there (of course I can't find pix of it now to share). Anyway, one day when we have our own house I can build that stuff for S&L, and add in of course a few of these shelves :) (If I had more wallspace around here of course I'd go ahead with these in fact, but I guess they'll have to make do with their window shelves for another year or so.)

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trAcy a dit…

leave it to ikea.
if i were very motivated, i would build boxes and such for katrina.