today's tippy toe tidbits

The tippy toe part is only 'cause I love saying "tippy toe."

Well my baby is at UPS now, on its way to Jess & Harland's... I insured it for $300 and did all the anal stuff the quilting websites said to do when shipping, putting all the address info multiple places inside and out just in case the box gets trashed, being sure that if someone opens it with a knife they won't be able to cut into the quilt, putting it in a clear plastic bag with instructions to recipient to remove it from same ASAP, not marking it "quilt" but rather "bedding" b/c apparently there are quilt purloiners out there, etc. Everyone cross their fingers til Tuesday or Weds., please, when it's supposed to arrive in VA.

I had another tidbit, honest, hence the plural in the title... But now I can't think what it was. I do look pretty fun in my new polka dot dress for Lisa's wedding. Also my continued procrastination on school stuff is going quite well, except I can feel my stress levels rising. Monday or so the stress level will reach the point where I can no longer (as) successfully ignore it so I'll have to dig in (probably). I did get all my office food and pop and water the other day altho it's still in Hal's trunk. Still, it's progress as well as being tangible proof that I'm not completely in denial about the new semester.

I'm typing on my tippy toes but you can't see me :)

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Anthony a dit…

"Tippy Toe" was what George wanted Jerry Seinfeld to say if his girlfriend was coming into the room before Jerry could switch the answering machine tapes.

They changed it to the song "Lemon Tree".

I have a head full of useless information like that.