My bi-annual androgyny virus struck the other day at Kroger. True, I have short hair, and true, I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts (not that they're masculine but they weren't a dress, for example) and true, my jewelry is kinda teensy & it's rare to find any make-up on me, plus my bosoms were hidden behind the little credit card swiper/check sign shelf thingies.

That's all the bones I can throw the girl who, having had a few long minutes to peruse me during the transaction, said quite firmly with no sign at all of having (realized she) got it wrong, "Will that be all, sir?"

I could let this go except that it really does happen every six months or so; plus it never happened before moving here. For crying out loud; I know I'm not the only short-haired female in town.


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Jessica a dit…

well there is one less since I left town.

At least they didn't ask your friend if the person over there was their boyfriend when you are wearing a black dress like happened to Amy and me once.

and I was wearing a dress!

Anthony a dit…

When in doubt, just say "Will that be all?" What's with all this gender addressing? It's all risk and no reward for both. I don't really care if you call me "sir" or not.

I have this weird thing for women's sneakers. I see sneaker ads and I'm drawn to the pastels. Then, the bad news ... "Women's". Crap.