Munch on these...

  • Getting a bad cold - OK the bad part is me being pessimistic plus hopefully I caught it in time with my standard echinacea/emergen-C double whammy, which has worked for every single oncoming cold in the last 3 years except that scary megacold over New Years'.

  • Landlords think they can almost certainly give me an extra month-6 weeks to decide about renewing my lease. Originally the new leases (for August, mind you) were due 2/15, but I called and begged to their machine, underlining how great a tenant I've been, how good a relationship we've had, etc. Called back today and she said things are looking good on her end but she'll know for sure by Tuesday. So keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime, since I've been thinking there was no way they'd even consider it, I've thought of a few things that wouldn't be bad about moving (if I end up staying in town) despite the huge exertion of the move itself, so look at me being all Pollyanna-y!

  • We have fleas again, after 3+ years of flea-free-ness. Several things have come together for remedying the situation today. Tho the kits have been back on Frontline for 6 weeks, there are still a few pesky fleas on Sammers, tho way less than a month ago and way less flea dirt, too. Today Daniel our bug guy is coming to do our normal monthly spray plus he's bringing his magic fleakiller stuff, too. John is graciously opening his guest room to the kits for the afternoon (I'm sure his greyhound, Blue, will have an interesting day trying to figure out what critters are being hosted in there). As soon as I get done here in the office (thank goodness the 2 later of my 3 student meetings -why I came in at all today- have been canceled) I'll head home to prep the house. This also gives me time to space out the cat trauma as much as possible, so our afternoon will go something like this:

    1. administration of Capstar tablets, one per kit, down the throat, so we don't take any more guests with us to John's than Sam & Lucy (the Capstar protocol went without a hitch last week, so cross your fingers for us today - I found a truly great cat-pill-how-to online for anyone who wants it - we'd done pills before but following this thing made it the most successful pill event ever for us) - Capstar really scares me but I called the vet and they assured me it's OK to give them another one today
    2. cleaning/prepping for Daniel (luckily I did my major spring cleaning last week so not much left to do - the fact notwithstanding that it was totally procrastination-fueled, it's coming in quite handy now plus the house has felt hugely better), also laundering of first batch of blankets
    3. administration of treats for the next hour or so til they finally come out from under the bed to stay even tho I will be vacuuming off and on the whole time :)
    4. continued prep for Daniel, as app., and prep of car/litterbox, and re-spraying of upholstery
    5. corraling and crating of each cat - this used to always work Sammers first, then Lucy, but poor Sammers has had lots of extra trauma lately with all the flea searches and also periodic smearing of neosporin on his neck for the little spots he has scratched too hard, so today I have no idea what the most feasible order will be
    6. transport to John's with freshly changed litterbox
    7. return to Ross Sq. to finish prep. if app. and putting any remaining (hopefully there won't be any by then tho) quilts & blankets to be washed later tonight out on the stoop (and crossing my fingers against the rain)
    8. get tutor stuff in the car
    9. let Daniel in
    10. go tutor, 2hrs
    11. check house to see if flea stuff is dry
    12. go get kits
    13. return home
    14. post-flea-treatment kegger (OK really probably just a glass of wine later after I'm home and rehydrated from the gym)

  • I made good on my 30-60 min./day of jobstuff yesterday; ready to order transcripts and started revamping the CV. Between now and Friday I want to have packets delivered or en route for the COE job and the lectureship and transcript orders will be done. Next week I'll (finally) dig in on all the international programs stuff. Even tho I feel pissy at myself for not being further along at least the energy is moving and I'm finally making progress instead of the continued DIHS. Concentrate on the positive, right? Crazy!

  • Workout pact with Brig and Troy and Christa is going pretty well. I made my own program slightly more anal this week, as is my wont, but I think I've got good exercise momentum from the last 3 weeks or so to keep it up even with my new caveats. Basically I have no problem getting myself to go do weights, 'cause I don't find it boring and it always seems to go quickly, but I haven't been doing almost any cardio and needed to make myself stretch, so I haven't added any more workouts to my goal, per se, I've just specified that a couple of them entail cardio and stretching now. Farbeit for me to set up any kind of new life goal without it having numerous requirements and subsets of requirements!

  • I forgot I'm at school so I can't post the most recent pie pic. John got his most recent catsitting pie Sunday: peach, with a cat face that happily looked more fun than dorky. I'll post it later for you.

  • That's probably about it, tho I have to say part of what is helping to motivate me on the job front is the springitis of my current students. No matter what I end up with (unless it's retail or something, which I'm pretty confident I won't have to resort to) I sincerely will not be sad not to have to deal with widest spread student mindset here. There are those bright attitudes that make it worthwhile every so often but they are much fewer in spring for whatever reason.

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Applecart T. a dit…

my vet once looked at me all condescendingly when I said to his answer about what could be the cause of Katrina's leg scars, "cats who don't go outside can get fleas."

i still think that's crazy, but i guess you are my ultra-proof. poor kitties.

do you have "i brought the eggs in on my shoes, should have been nihon-like and left them outside" guilt?

Applecart T. a dit…

oh, yes, cat-pill admin. is a true art in trust. i am lucky my cat has some missing teeth.

katrina is suffering currently from cat flu or something. monday, blaaaah. over and over. liquid. thought she ate dirt. maybe the forage in flowerpot was an attempt at remedy, though, because, today again, bleeeeh. and then out the other side, but a whole other format. why is kitty constipated and simeltaneously throwing up liquified food in the mornings?

i'm going with immaculate and spayed conception –– double miracle, much like abraham's sarah. we're founding something for sure!

sam is way allergic, it sounds like. i don't even know what that pill is he's got to take –– and scabs, too? poor baby.