You probably know

or have heard how to tell a bad winter's coming by reading woolly worms. If not, let me edify you without delay. When you see woolly worms with wide stripes, in Ohio anyway, the winter will be long and hard (of course there are less and less wide-stripe woolly worms thanks to global warming).

You probably didn't know, tho, that you can read housecats, too. This doesn't tell you how bad winter will be but it does tell you how cold the house is currently. Look at the closest curled-up cat (a.k.a. feline in Roly-Poly mode). The tighter the ball, the colder the house.

Here you can see that our house was quite chilly indeed last night and this morning...

Alternatively if the cats are difficult to see and/or downright invisible, you can assume the house is just way too fricking cold dammit.

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