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Slightly busy this week (ahem! :), things have picked up speed a bit, so here's whatever comes to mind, with the promised pix interspersed....

Anyone craving dogwoods in the next few years, I guess you know whose backyard to come visit...

Next time I say I'm going to grow my hair out someone just smack me. Honestly it's been mostly OK but had a sudden urge to ask Melanie to do a major CHOP tonight and I feel like a new woman! Or, really, I feel like the real Me again... Alice Walker said "oppressed hair puts a ceiling on the brain" and for my hair, being too long is oppression.

I got an address stamp made at Office Depot this evening for my change-of-address postcards which will go out at some point in the not-too-distant future and the OD lady, when she found out I was moving, gave me an empty paper box. Hey, every box helps and this one is super sturdy but especially I thought it was pretty fun of her to give me one.

Same basic view you saw before but with the dogwoods plus the personal immediacy of knowing Andy's taking it and I'm in the car talking to Allison the landlord.

My Ross Sq. landlord stopped me in the driveway Tuesday to let me know that not only did she find a renter for my house for after I leave, the guy wants in 5/15, so we can terminate my lease early. Talk about someone walking up and just handing you $800! I still have to pinch myself every time some additional thing falls into place... and as I told Pree in an email yesterday, honestly I'm not sure how my karma got turned around so completely; honestly I was quite bitchy all winter... maybe the gods just got tired of my whining.

Did I mention my haircut rocks?

Only one more official day of class. I have pre-final exam grades to finish over the weekend as well as my final exam edits; absolutely must turn those in for printing Monday. Good thing all I have to change is footers and a few typos.

Fun angle and Hal's nose of course plus those fun bushes whose name is known to Andy and probably several of you as well (I'm bad at bushes; they were never part of Dad's walks-in-the-woods tutorials at the farm). What a glorious day.

My office bookshelves are almost all purged; file drawers are about ½ done. Sunday most of the day will be boxing and schlepping from there. Tomorrow I want to focus on packing here at home. Boxes are overtaking the house so they might as well have stuff in them. Might take a couple strategically-placed chairs to John's garage for the last couple weeks to make room for box stacking. He has been -very kindly- holding some of my furniture anyway so two more items to go pick up that last day or two is worth it so I can stack boxes and still have room to get around in our house.

Adrenaline high has regulated itself somewhat altho my nighttime re-wiring is still an issue.

Got info yesterday from Clems*n's faculty IT trainer that he can probably create a temp. userID for me there so I can go ahead and work on my Blackboard courseware sites while I'm waiting on my CU userID/access. I probably won't even do that much but just knowing that I will be able to is a big relief. At most I'll probably build skeleton sites before I leave here, and as I'm unpacking those first few days in the new house, as soon as my internet access is up anyway, I can play on the sites during breaks from packing. If I can get quasi-settled over the weekend (5/9-11) then by Tues. or Weds. I should be ready to focus on the summer syllabi and actual lesson plans. I'm not going to do anything very extravagant with the courseware sites for this summer, probably just post materials as they come up thru each session, but it's a good chance to develop stuff for the courses I'll be teaching over the year, too.

Et la pièce de résistance, I purposely saved this one for last - this is the view from my deck. You can just barely see the corner of the house to the right - they are farther than it seems here. The woods you see beyond the dogwoods continues far to the left and nary another habitation can be seen in or thru it. Directly behind my house that hill steepens down into the woods.

I guess that's the current scoop, such as it is. I'm going to work on grades now while I half watch/listen to The Sopranos and debate whether to have a beer or un p'tit rouge.

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Anonyme a dit…



Applecart T. a dit…

yeah for the country!

if those are indeed azaleas, i wackily recommend chewing a few petals between your front teeth. the pink ones, anyway, have a nice grapefruity taste. i'm crazy, yes.

lovely domicile. city girl approves and covets.

Jessica a dit…

Awesome, Awesome!!

Should really call you today!!
Those are azaleas, they are just starting to bloom up here too.

hope all continues to fall into place and that is awesome about the new renter!!!

Lourdes a dit…

The dogwoods and azaleas are amazing. I found out yesterday that my brother got the job near Clemson. The company recommended that he find an apartment in Seneca where most of their people live and where they house foreigners that come there on business trips. Mike also knows someone in Seneca as well. A guy named Steve Cutrip (I think).