No wonder the cats looked at me like, "No, really? Food?!" I accidentally fed them breakfast on SC time this morning, then couldn't get back to sleep. This is something which one might expect to happen due to excitement when one has a new job to look forward to in a few months

!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) !!!!!!

(at least unofficially) and is therefore already living in the future thinking of moving, houses, teaching, French Club projects, etc.

Contract is supposed only to take 2 weeks to find me, so until that sucker gets signed and returned I'll still be on slight pins & needles, not least because I already found the perfect little rental house (so perfect that I'm open to paying an extra 2 months on it just to have it available for advance trips and taking stuff over) and am hoping against hope it will still be available when my contract is signed. This is the longest of longshots so really I should stop thinking about it, but what would I do if there weren't something to stress on? Probably fade away or something...

More soon; I'm sure you'll get way more details than you ever wanted, esp. those of you who live on the Plains or who yack with me once in a while. Just tell me to shut up if I start driving you crazy after a couple of weeks (yeah, THAT'll work :)

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Jessica a dit…

i love hearing you happy, you happily rant on, sister.

my word verification is rimffxfi it is kinda fun to see.