on at least 3 posts for you here, two of which have visual aids but I'm at school so no go right now. Meanwhile more meandery susiesnacks...
  • great hike Sunday of which you'll get more info soon - medium ankle sprain notwithstanding - still I might be able finally to catch up with Jess & Harland on hiking!
  • two cockroaches this weekend but the cats and I were unimpressed - one of them wouldn't have dared call itself a cockroach in AL - the other was pretty substantial but still no match for 5 squirts of 409 (my favorite bugkiller)
  • Sheryl next door, tho, had a "4-inch, bright blue centipede" in her BED under her PILLOW, which is why the landlords were alerted and sent an exterminator to see us yesterday
  • I had been feeling pretty proud of our no-extermination status but I wouldn't have been so complacent about critters had the mille-pattes been in our house instead!
  • In other critter news, we are back in skunk country - hadn't smelled the occasional whiff at the window since leaving Cleveland but we have a few apparently that circuit thru our neighborhood. One was hit on the road last night about 1/4 mile away and you could smell it all thru the area this morning - it even entered my dreams about 3h30 since we had our windows open.
  • Saw no wildlife on Sunday's hike save mosquitoes and flies and a couple of interesting half-caterpillar, half-centipede things. Where's an entomologist when you need one?
  • House is pretty arranged except for wall decor. Finally hung 4 things this weekend but can't get my head around the rest of it. I'm definitely not teaching second session so as of next Tuesday I'll have more free time to get everything Just So as I work on preps for fall classes.
  • Lots of internet exploration last night to try to figure out just exactly how people find the dang lake already. I mean it's right there, bigger 'n life on GoogleEarth but for some reason in the car I couldn't get to it. Moreover people couldn't seem to help me either; both the Chamber of Commerce helpers and the staff of the wee outdoor-gear store looked at me like "You weren't born with find-the-lake knowledge embedded in your brain like the rest of us?" and didn't have any local maps showing public access areas at all. (??!??!??!??!??!) Anyway thank goodness for the internet + susingenuity since even the Clems*n parks & rec page was pretty user-unfriendly and had no real "where it is" info either. Anyway I'm all set now and even found a board-walk-y lakefront park where you can go walk or run or sit or whatever.
  • Also finally got info for my SC car registration and DL changeover. I'm going to wait til after 1 July for the former; SC has new plates going into effect that are way fun (the old ones aren't bad but the new one quite rocks). Cross your fingers my DL pic comes out better than my CU ID pic did. Yikes.
  • Feeling a little occasional isolation (even for me!) but went to see Tiphaine and family in Atlanta on the 7th, then had a fun call with John & Adrienne this weekend plus the hike. One other woman on the hike and I might do something together in Greenville one of these days, too (altho there's the no-$-in-the-2nd-half-of-the-summer issue - ahem). This weekend I'm having lunch with my Mich*lin contact, Marie-T. Then I'll be hiking again 6/29, and Andy's coming to visit the weekend of the 4th, too, so in another couple weeks, I'm really going to feel like Susie Society.
  • Off for errands then home to write 2 quizzes, grade 2 exams, and start editing final exams. Fun!
  • I'm even more behind on blog readin' than blog writin' - huge apologies and I'll be back at it soon - also to a certain kimchi snackin' place...
  • Speaking of - my new fave grocery is BI-LO and they have quite good kimchi! Yum!

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Anonyme a dit…

BI-LO Rules!!!

Jessica a dit…

"4-inch, bright blue centipede"
OMG - my worst nightmare. Every once and a while I had centipede dreams in Auburn. They really freak me out - bugs and spiders compare nothing to centipede/milipedes.

Sorry I have been MIA. Wish it was something other than a funk. Good news? I think I am 100% back in the game. :) As of 11am today I finally felt better.

Jessica a dit…

oh but I haven't posted anything on my blog and haven't looked at our blog yet. Will try to do tomorrow if I don't have to work late, as I know it is only 9:30 but I want to catch up on some sleep I have been missing. Ugh!