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The decision was unanimous. The best way to waste time in SC on Thursday, September 11, 2008, 23:17-23:42 is:

Ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of COURSE.....................

Making a new sidebar feature!!!!!!!!!!!

Or, more importantly, you can't possibly spend enough time farting around when you have 400 million school things to do. OK well maybe YOU can, but I, obviously, cannot.

Or, MOST importantly, having tempted y'all with hiking and 'yaking mentions, there has been the occasional wistful comment about the lack of resultant pix from these adventures, to which I say:

(a) I NEVER remember to take my camera on hikes.
(b) See above, "400 million...". Har!
(c) I will nonetheless try to remember to start taking my camera now, for all of us. (Not least because most of the Meetup pix resist downloading in any size other than thumbnail. :)

So anyway since I have no pix of my own for any of the adventures to date, if you click on the links in the sidebar you can go directly to the pages on our Meetup group's page. There are only a few features you cannot see without joining, so you can still look at pix, etc., either to see Yours Truly in all her sweaty glory ...

...or, much more aesthetically fulfilling, you can peruse the bee-yew-tee-full nature which hosted our treks.


Check it out already.
(Page down if nec.; you'll find the new addition in between the two multimedia quilts.)

Oh, and I'll try to get the boots more gooby this weekend. Saturday we're off to Rabun Bald, Georgia's 2nd highest peak.

The trail is part of the Bartram Trail so as of Saturday eve. I will have hiked Bartram in two different states. (Ol' Man Bartram got around, dang!) Anyway re: boots, I actually tried to get them a bit more lived-in-looking at the various falls last weekend, even to the point of stepping on them with each other and kicking at them, but they are very scuff-resisty!

And yes, as if there were still any doubt, procrastination breeds verbosity. Of course Sara C. genes also bred lots of verbosity. So, much tho I might dream of succinctness, verbosity seems to be the default.


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