Back on the Trail

I can't believe it but until this past Saturday, not counting the teensy bit of hiking I did at Santee, I hadn't hiked since Rabun Bald Revisited on Nov. 1! Yikes. Color me out of shape! Luckily Bill had scheduled the perfect hike Saturday at the end of finals week: not too exerty but not exactly wimpy either - and we had wondrous weather to boot (well pretty chilly really but the sun was a nice counterpoint and we worked up some heat pretty quickly) !

So here I'll share some of this weekend's hike of parts of the West Fork trail and part of the Bartram Trail, taking us up to (Little) Scaly Mountain, NC... (There's some debate as to which Scaly Mtn. in these parts is "Little" and which is "Big" and which is just "Scaly." I think an added plus is it has the same letters in it as my first initial and last name but then I tend to get lost in minutiae lately.)

Coincidentally, we'll start small here...

Fun orange moss...

...which becomes pink a few inches further.

This was my first icy hike - it is quite nostalgic to have hard frozen ground under my feet or the crunch of frosted leaves or to see ice in the puddles, much less...

Really cool icicles next to a waterfall.

Fun little mountain top tidal pool of ice :)

Wacky spun-glass ice hairs

This stuff seemingly comes out of the ground in lots of places along the trail. I've never seen this before and it is truly cool. Some of the strands reached close to 6-7 inches. Next time I'll put something down for scale. Apparently it's a fairly common sight on our winter hikes but it sure never happens in Ohio!

The Clems*n Contingent

There are three of us lecturer-types from CU on the hikes on and off, me, Caroline (above with me) and Melissa. We've started taking a CU pic every time now.

Speaking of Rabun Bald...

... it is the tall mountain in the middle here, from the top of (Little) Scaly. It was pretty cool to see from a distance this really big thing that we've now hiked twice this fall. :) And Bill has scheduled two more hikes for the coming weeks which traverse the same mountain. There are about 4 trails that converge on top of R.B.

Really great day.

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Good job on the photography. I like the frozen title pool.