pajamas, Sarah Polley, Dixie, rebel flags & a supposed quotation

This is from imdb.com so consider the source - who knows where their quotes really come from or how accurate they are? I think people sit around in their pajamas and type them up from talk shows, etc. Still this is pretty funny (funny-scary that is, kind of like jolie-laide but for humorists). And I love Sarah Polley whether she said this or not. So anything that makes you think of something or someone you like is nice.

And regardless of how accurate it is it's true there are people like the one described here in the world, and I've run into a few of them here in Dixie, altho I think of my current environs as kind of faux-Dixie compared to how things felt on the Plains in Alabama. Surprising since someone told me recently that our county is supposedly the most conservative one in SC. But I only rarely see rebel flag pickup trucks around here, for example... My perceptions are probably due to my not getting out and about as much here as I did in AL, but that's a mystery to ponder some other time, i.e. not during finals week...

Anyway here is a supposed quote from Sarah Polley about the guy who taught her to shoot a shotgun for her role in -I think- The Sweet Hereafter :
I asked, 'Is the safety on when it's to the right or off when it's to the right?' And he said, 'The way I like to remember it is right is safe, like the government, and left is unsafe, like the people we are shooting at.'

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Jessica a dit…

All the rebel flag trucks must have been visiting their rebel families eating rebel fried turkey when I was there.
'cause I didn't see any!
Maybe I'm glad I visited there when no one was in town...

Poor Hal. is he okay now?

Anonyme a dit…

It was actually Sarah's role in Dawn of the Dead - she went on to say 'And I thought - I'm here, being taught how to fire a shotgun by my worst nightmare - what the hell am I thinking?'

From Dave 'Doctorzero99' (Sarah's biggest fan)

Susan a dit…

Tks for the clarification Dave! and tks for commenting!