Don't Taunt the Fear Demon, or: Mitrailleuse to Celebrate a Good Mood and Some Darn Fun Zapatitos

Albeit journaly...
No idea what sparked the mood change (we're talking spiritual 180 in the space of about the last 25 minutes, and no, the wine was not started til 2 minutes ago) but here goes anyway...
  • The continued good fortune of having a tech-addicted friend :) - Andy is selling me his old ipod and his old camera. I had been contemplating purchasing a nano and a new digital camera before France so I would (a) not have to drag my (teeny but still...) exterior hard drive across the pond in order to have more than a first-generation Shuffle's worth of music with me and (b) have halfway decent pix upon my return to the USofA.
  • Freshly-vacuumed house. Ahhhh.
  • Watching my favorite Buffy ("Once More, With Feeling" of course) and only moderate work planned for tonight (even tho lots more was left at school but we're s'posed to be bein' positive here) so looking forward to a reasonably early turn-in and probably close to 7! hours' sleep.
  • Laughing at the kits with their newest toy. They recently decimated the last of our little round rabbit fur balls-on-a-string. On a whim I tied one of Miss Lucy's pajama strings onto it and you wouldn't believe the hours of fun.
  • Very slight chance one of the French Table students might house/catsit... depends on whether she gets accepted for an internship she applied for or not. Not to wish ill on anyone but... well we'll just be patient. (har)
  • Kinda impressed at my vinaigrette skills which apparently have not stagnated in my recent few months' stint of ranch dressing. Miam!
  • Clean sheets! Is anything better?!
  • Kind of in love with Sufjan Stevens. Especially since last night online I found out he knows how to fold fitted sheets. I used to be very good at this (having learned from fitted sheet folder par excellence Sara Lee Clay) but not lately for some reason.
  • Equally in love with Martin Clunes, or at least with his character on William & Mary.
  • About to dig into the aforementioned vinaigrette on a huge pile of romaine with a hefty bowl of cappellini with Classico Cabernet Marinara and a ton of grated parm. Yummy, not unhealthy, and a nice side of actual non-spag sauce cab.
  • Very slight attitude adjustment slash reality check about life. Any shift would have to be good compared to where I've been the last couple of weeks, but this is particularly clarity-enabling, at least for now (she said cryptically, to avoid either calling the snake or looking into the proverbial mouth o' gift horse).
  • Of course it might just all be thanks to my new shoes... Promised myself no clothing purchases until Paris June sales (woo hoo!) but relinquished on shoes since I needed a second pair of fun-but-comfy's for gobs o' hoofing along the metro tunnels, Louvre hallways, dog turd obstacle course boulevards and cobbled streets of Lutèce.

Sneaky post post correction alert. Bad Susan.

4 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

oh, J'adore your shoes! I started to try and type French but realized my vocab is lacking. hahaha. So cute!

Glad you are feeling better. I have been avoiding cleaning and running errands for days now... meant to start today, but continued my avoidism.

Jeff Donaldson a dit…

I don't buy the fitted sheet folding. If there is only one thing in this world that was meant to be wadded, it is a fitted sheet.

Applecart T. a dit…

I once folded a fitted sheet and it worked and I don't know why or why I can't do it again; apparently, though, thank you very much, there is a guru. when does his instructional video clip come out?

Are those Keens? I have not seen this style. Very you shoes! Actually, they look more real-leather in and out than the Keens I have and have seen around.

WV: triande

Allison a dit…

those shoes are too cute to be marching around/over/in the piles of french dog crap side-walk decorations. but really, adorable!