Come ON, people!

OK I hate to be a nag but some of you are definitely not crossing your fingers very hard about my apartment issue. Two more apt's have fallen through! What is the deal?? I am ready to cross my fingers for all of you anytime, but when I ask for a little fingercrossing in return, I'm SOL. Geemony Christmas, a woman thinks she has friends and then...

Now the apartment fates have decided to give me one more chance at a really incredible apartment. Maybe if you see it you will have extra motivation for fingercrossing, so go check it out.

Then, get those frigging fingers crossed!

To quote Glory, "Um... NOW would be good!"

2 commentaires:

Applecart T. a dit…

Aside from their terrible skills at poster-hanging (a-hem), this is a fabulous place. We shall cross things for the trans-Atlantic lining up of apartment guy's work with your needs. I'm jealous you have an apartment guy.

Kitties' outdoor sicknesses can't get through to indoor kitties, can they?

Susan a dit…

too funny re the pix. and yes, everyone needs an apartment guy, altho mine proved to be pretty sad in point of fact. Re feline ills, don't think so - seems like injury-connected stuff for the most part, altho TC has some weird thing on his legs.