the next best thing to being there

As some of you know, Sammers has figured out how to open the laundry room doors. Like crooked pictures on the wall or various items strewn on the floor which were on tables that morning, the doors tend to hint at Sam's daytime activities.

Here's how it looks if you're present while he's at it... (you might consider printing the pix and cutting them out and flipping thru them quickly for a video facsimile!) Really there should be about 30 shots of him pulling at the door first - it takes several minutes for him to get it open. He only vaguely understands that it works better when he pulls closest to the hinge. Normally he pulls at the break between the two doors over and over until one of them finally accidentally stays bent slightly open after a particularly boisterous tug, at which point he starts pulling closer to the "V" of the hinge.

The pen is for scale - he gets the door open just barely wide enough to squeeze thru, then gets inside the "V" to jump straight up onto the machines. (For the record, the poster tube is not us being lazy about storage - it is to keep mousetoys from going under the dryer.)
This time there was something new on the washer!

I'm not here. I'm invisible dammit.

3 commentaires:

JD a dit…

Sammers is way too cute!!

Susan a dit…

Sammahs is da bomb!

Jessica a dit…

I love his squinty eye look.
It's like he's saying "get outta here! my washer!"