crazy few days

I'll catch you guys up this weekend from Tours if not before. Staying in the same quaint old hotel on Rue du Cygne where Dean and Lisa and I stayed in '98 and they have wifi (free, no less, which is almost unheard of in hotels here - at least so far) so I'll reserve most of my non-work and English internet stuff for then.

I think my dreams of reaching a point here where I'm caught up on work and can just relax and soak in Paris were just that. Still, better to feel behind and stressed in Paris than many other places! Best to be here without the behind- and stressed-ness of course. Maybe by next week...

Maybe I've become one of those people who are always stressed and secretly like or at least need to be stressed. I truly hope that is not so. Has Clems*n made me incapable of having fun?! Yikes!

2 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

I sure hope that isn't the case. Although when I have been on vacation in the last few years, I always feel like I should be doing something else. I'm glad I'm not important enough to be one of those blackberry people and always be connected to work!

I wish you could take some more time for yourself!

Susan a dit…

Me too (hoping that isn't the case!) - actually most of our museum stuff is finally worked out, kind of, and aside from daily lesson-oriented stuff, and mini-trouble-shooting with student questions/issues, and keeping track of the budget, that was the biggest time-eater and calm-eater left :) So hopefully the next couple of weeks will be less crazy, then the last week will probably be crazy again! oh well... still wouldn't trade this for anything of course.