Might be further slight delays to your getting more pix - Versailles Saturday blew any blogging I would normally have had energy for that evening... but in a good way :) Yesterday and today slight sore throat and low-grade fever that goes away with a single Advil but comes back when it wears off. I have loads of work to do the next couple days. Pretty much did no work all last week aside from wee daily troubleshooting and our excursions, etc. Have to catch up on grading and on updating the budget today and tomorrow. Weds and Thurs I plan to start scoping out a hotel for next year. There's no way I'm putting the students out in BFE again, and it's silly to pay Novotel prices when there are other perfectly wonderful places to stay. First choice is the MIJE. Anyway general poopedness but pretty content despite it, notwithstanding the fact that I have less than two weeks left. Don't think about it! Plus I do miss the kits, so whenever I'm sad not to be in France I'll go pet Sam or Lucy and see if they have any ideas about how the three of us could move here.

Versailles is still long from my favorite thing in France. I loved the gardens as usual and Christina showed us a bunch of the Marie Antoinette stuff that I had never had a chance to see before - her little theater was charming. My favorite part of the whole day, tho, might have been having a beer with Christina after we finished.

Flea market and Pompidou yesterday. The antique fairies were with me again - great gifties for some more people. Tremendous Calder exhibit right now at the Pompidou. I looked at a few other things and went thru the Kandinsky exhibit, too, but was getting tired by then and my Advil was wearing off again so I enjoyed it less than the Calder. Then home to my favorite sandwich shop and then fries from my falafel guy and collapsed in the flat.

Rain today, pretty steady. I don't really mind it except for logistics for classes sometimes. We're too big a group usually to be able to just go to a café together, especially when half the people (or more) don't order anything and/or bring in outside food and drink which mortifies me but for some reason my reminders that that is rude have gone unnoticed. So anyway we often default to my house, which is not always convenient depending on what state I left the flat in that morning. Ahem. The rain is supposed to continue all week, but at least we had good weather for Versailles and much of this week's outings are indoor things.

Journey tomorrow night, walking tour in the Marais Weds., touring the Opéra Garnier with Christina Thursday, then Ionesco at Théâtre de La Huchette that night. Off to Caen Friday to see Lydie & Pierre, and Véro & family. Would almost rather stay put here, but at least I have that last Saturday in town, altho I'll probably be running errands and madly finishing packing... along with nervousness about the kids getting off OK on their various voyages.

Rambly but at least it's in English!

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