ha! I guess I have more than I did at 26 but the amount I have at 46 is not the amount I thought I would possess by now. I'll give you another update at 66 maybe. Meanwhile might as well give you some more shoe shopping therapy peeks...

I almost never buy anything in brown but who could resist these? The other choice was off-white. Right. Out.

Musée Rodin today. Yum. And the weather seems to have cleared which not only means we will be able to picnic in the gardens there but also that we won't have to default to class in my apt. again today, which drives me crazy. So yay.

And of course whatever arrives, we're in Paris... so... um... yeah... big daily yay. Dreamt last night that Sam & Lucy were here. That would be an even bigger yay altho the good thing about their being home is when I get back there will be one big aid to fighting re-entry culture shock and depression.

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