Yes we...

Tonight I'll be in the same city as Obama, if briefly. Pretty cool.

Of course Obama is not loved by everyone here but he's far and away more popular than other recent choices in the US. Still, one particularly wacky thing is you can buy Obama magnets at most of the tourist shops. Nothing French on them at all, just Obama's pic and name, or the "Yes we can" slogan.

During the Cannes film festival, too, there was a nightly show to recap festival news called "Yes we Cannes!" and now I was just watching a news report about the D-Day anniversary preparations in Normandy and they have posters everywhere that say "Welcome President Obama - Yes we Ca(e)n!"

Now this is a problem.

No one but Francophones ever know how to say "Caen" as it is and people always confuse it with Cannes, so this is going to further confuse the issue. Besides the fact that it's really going a bit far with the slogan.

But still, big yay that Americans no longer have to be ashamed of their Commander in Chief while in the Hexagon. It's much more convenient admitting one is American rather than trying to pass as Canadian all the time.

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