Back Door Kits

  • Our outdoor friends now include TC, Tiger, and Bobby Goren... TC is holding her own, finally let me touch her (kinda - really she was distracted by her food for a second - whenever I get a chance to lightly brush her back with fingertips she keeps eating, but sashays her body away about 45º and does this really funny reprimand-y meow at the same time kind of like "I canNOT believe you had the nerve to touch me!"), and has some weird skin thing going on. If I can get ahold of her sometime this fall I'll get her to Doc Turner. The other two continously vie for King of the Backporch. Bobby Goren has the upper hand. Poor Tiger is a bit pitiful, truth be told. Another, Griz, came around for a few weeks and regularly joined in on territorial fracas with B. and T., but he hasn't come round now for a couple weeks. I'm afraid he finally finally lost a battle or got hit (tho we're on a small cul de sac most of the drivers approach it more like Le Mans) or finally succombed to other stray life hardships. The remaining two boys are utterly uncatchable so I can't take advantage of the vet's discount for neutering strays, but hopefully a bit o' kibble each day is making their lives a little easier.
  • Speaking of kibble the skunk hasn't been back that I can tell, thank goodness. The other night, tho, I thought he was... Weird scratching noise and when I turned on the light it was a half-grown raccoon. He wasn't after the food. I had put an ant trap out there since we have red ants on the deck this year. The ants were starting to cease and desist but he was trying to eat the ant trap. It freaked me out a little; he went away and I tossed the trap but now I feel bad as I might have inadvertently killed a raccoon. I hope he is OK.

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