imposed lazy Saturday

Alas no canoeing and picnicking. My lower GI tract had other ideas. Ahem. So I intermittently watched Torn Curtain with Lucy and now I'm half-intermittently watching 'Breaker' Morant. (I would link those for you but the diabolical unsolicited flower thingies would probably show up again.)

This viewing's the more intermittent because in addition to treks to the chiotte, I'm having fun doing screenprints of the crazy flower thingies for Edward so we can hopefully solve this wackiness. They apparently don't show up (npi :) on his screen. Maybe they ONLY show up on mine! Which would kind of at once make sense (since they're not in the html, forcément they are not even showing up on my view but instead are in my head alone) and be even more Charlie-Kaufman-y, not to mention troubling in even more ways.

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