Mystery Bill

Once in a while I learn something new about myself. The last few days I learned that while I hate blog lurkers I also hate commenters who don't make themselves fully known.

Do you know who Bill is? I don't know that many Bills; here are my choices:

  • Bill in "Wedding Bell Blues" - fictitious character or maybe Billy Davis Jr. (and if so, no idea why he wouldn't be out doing something exciting with Marilyn McCoo instead of reading random blogs)
  • Mr. Bill - definitely a fictitious character, altho highly entertaining
  • Bill the Cat - another fiction, another source of huge entertainment (secretly hoping it's this one)
  • Bill B. - BB expert and savior
  • Bill W.Chauga Bill (post-posting correction requested by Bill in question) - hiking buddy extraordinaire who doesn't usually call me Susan and who denies being the Bill in question
  • Bill M. - high school/hometown friend and Real Live private eye who never calls me Susan
  • Bill S. - husband of former coworker at the Book Stop who used to call me Susan but with whom I haven't talked in many years
  • Another Bill S. - husband of prof/friend/mentor from Aub*rn who calls me Susan but who I'm sure has more fun things to do in his retirement than read silly blog babble
  • Bill J. - from high school who I haven't seen since 1983 or so and who never would have called me Susan
  • Bill F. - brother of friend John F. - never met him so I doubt he'd be reading my blog even tho his brother has been known to lurk here occasionally
  • Bill, as in "I'm just a" - song character and/or political tool - one sings so presumably it could read but I doubt it's reading my blog, the other doesn't read but instead is read... or not, approved, or not, etc., again probably too busy to read blogs if it could indeed read
  • Omitted Bills - elementary school Bills (really they were Billys) and probably some forgotten Bills from Howard's or Longbranch or Uptown at BG... among others I'm sure...

Bills (and other people) should let a person know who they are if they're going to comment on a person's blog, or maybe they should just comment completely anonymously so a person knows they shouldn't wonder who the Bill is. Or they could start blogging at least so their Blogger profile bears a little fruit when a person clicks on it and so Mutual Stranger Blog Reading can occur. It's only fair, moi je pense.

And no, Bill, this is not a proposal. Just a still-rockin' song.

If we never find out who Bill is I guess at least he has afforded us all a few minutes of nostalgic fun with the 5th Dimension (assuming you all are old enough for that).

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Bill a dit…

Mystery solved ... now please excuse me I need to run to the emergency room -- dying of embarrassment ... bleeding profusely ... where did put that tourniquet .... (gasp .. gasp ...).

BTW, do you really prefer the Fifth Dimension's version over Laura Nyro's???


Susan a dit…

too funny - at least you're an entertaining mystery! good show finally putting some stuff on your profile - now you have to get blogging, too! (I'm off to google Laura Nyro's version of WBB...)

Susan a dit…

oh wait! doh! I didn't see the link the first time for some reason - merci!

Adrienne a dit…

Hi, Bill!

Bill (aka Mystery Bill) a dit…

Bonjour (or Bonsoir depending on the time zone) Adrienne.

Susan - my therapist will need your address as she wants to send you a dozen roses as a Thank You. After the 'Mystery Bill' incident yesterday she determined I will need at least another six months of visits .... and I was really doing so well ... or so I thought.

Susan a dit…

Excellent - will there be a commission involved? And the Laura Nyro WBB ROCKED. Thanks!

Bill (aka Mystery Bill) a dit…

Commission?? Really Susan, I thought you were going to offer to pay for a few sessions. I suppose you may have a point though.

If you liked the Laura Nyro I just got this one a few months ago and think its a great representation of what she was all about - at her best with just her voice a piano and an audience:
Best listened to late at night. Candlelight and bottle of Merlot are optional accoutrements.

Susan a dit…

somehow I missed this one Bill. would cabernet work? I'll put it on the agenda for this evening :)