Still no clue

about the Get Glue flower. Maybe JFF or Edward will weigh in on this next time they're bored? I compared the linkage html for the three films (two sans fleur, one avec) and there does not appear to be any difference, which means that IMDB is putting some kind of wacky hidden code or something on their movie pages now? (But only sometimes? since it didn't happen with the other two and I linked them from IMDB, too.) Is that possible? I mean, if it's there, it should be visible in the html, no? Even if it came from them!?

This is blowing my mind.

Not that the flower isn't kinda cute. But one wants to be in charge of when flowers, not to mention evil albeit interestingly wacky hidden-function-y links, materialize on one's blog. Ya feel me?

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