and finally

the first blogpost via Mac. Well not really the first ever via Mac since I used to post from Andy's Mac on occasion, but the first from mine.

Yes this is the something that was coming. Obviously there are other things coming, there always are, but it's nice to have something fun and expected, beckoned even.

Having a glass of McManis cabernet organizing gdocs with gobs of leftover Paris notes. Good excuse to keep playing with the new pooter and trying to teach my fingers new keyboard tricks, esp. where word processing is concerned. Those are the ones that are almost completely subconscious for me.

Of course there's the whole issue of accents still but I'm not sure I have gumption tonight for learning Mac accent shortcuts; what self-respecting brain needs FOUR different accent-making systems inside it? On the other hand maybe giving my head a nice big bunch of memory re-working at 46 will help stave off senility that much longer.

lolololol omg as I was just typing that Sammers approached and he just noticed the backlit keyboard and freaked... he backed up a bit and gingerly stuck out a paw --you know, the way they do-- then kind of shook his head and jumped off the couch. I guess further study is required at a later date.

Lucy's more excited about the box than anything else.

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JD a dit…

Great to see you tonight S! Enjoyed the story about sammers and the backlit keyboard!


Susan a dit…

likewise John! I was just telling Justin and Blair how good it was getting some social time - and seriously your French is rockin! tell Molly and Hobbes hello for me. I'm sooooo glad you liked your giftie! (and now I can finally post a pic of it :)