I happened upon this accidentally last spring; first view of Camille.

Or click here if that one is making your eyes water.

Still one of my faves of hers.

This is probably my favorite clip of "Ta Douleur" (the one from the crazy anti-knitting vid).

Or non-eyewatery version au cas où.

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Bill a dit…

BTW, did I say how much I appreciated these vid clips? I had not seen the first one at all and this seems like very early Camille. I really liked this because you get a good understanding of what she is doing. Thanks for sharing this Susan.

Susan a dit…

I thought I had responded to this one - doh! I agree Bill - these two show a good range of Camille-ness. I love how her voice doesn't seem to have any range - or rather like it has all ranges... aside from being able to make all kinds of fun sounds.

Susan a dit…

doh! maybe it's b/c I'm watching "FlashForward" but I swear I thought I had read that comment the day after posting the clips! too funny. when I went back to gmail after responding to the comment I saw the email from it and realized you had just posted it. craziness - good thing it's Friday - obviously my brain needs some time off :)

Bill a dit…

Heres hoping that you have a great weekend. Get some rest! Enjoy the TV now.