Does anyone know the Mucinex guy?

If anyone is acquainted with the inventor of Mucinex, let him know that unless he's a smoker or isn't willing to hike with me on occasion, I'm pretty much all his. ♪ ♫ We'll have a blue room, a new room, for two room ♪ ♪ ♫ ... or at the very least I'll bake him quiches and pies for all eternity (or until one of us croaks... but it won't be from a cough - THAT'S for sure!) Oh yeah, or unless he's already spoken for of course, in which case he'll have to just put up with my gratitude and admiration from afar for the rest of his life.

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Bill a dit…

Don't know the man personally but I was able to track down a photo for you:


Long hikes may not be in his best interest. :-)

Susan a dit…

Probably shouldn't be out in the sun any more either! (I burst into laughter on seeing the pic... I'll have you know it startled no less than 3 officemates... so good luck with that on your conscience!) Too funny.