Mardi Mitrailleuse #711, or: space considerations, physical and mental

  • OK my new toy has yet to arrive but I won't keep you in suspense any longer. I'm about to enter Apple-dom for more than just iTunes. I was saving to get a MacBook Pro at Christmas but found out the problem with my old Dell laptop is the hard drive was fried. Granted not much $ to replace but I had 3/4 of the $ set aside for the Mac so went ahead... with the added benefit that I'm going to use it as my school pooter, too, thereby freeing fully 50% of the top of my office desk that used to be taken up with a scary bohemoth monitor. (I have before and after shots for you - so you've got another post to look forward to one day before too long...)
  • Besides that just hugely busy. These 5 sections this year feel like way more than last year - good thing really that it isn't the reverse or I _really_ would have lost it my first semester. So I'm just as crazy and scary busy as last year but without the Newbie Unknowns (who to go for for [the most accurate] info, how long various things will take or how many steps are necessary compared to how it was at Aub*rn, etc...) So I've got that going for me, current insanity notwithstanding :)
  • 3 great sections, 1 undynamic but at least not hostile, 1 beurck. Not a bad ratio.
  • As usual 400 things to do pretty much constantly. Officemate asked the other day -rather gently- "Um... What if you made a list?" Um... well I didn't show her but my list is currently two full computer screens long (with zoom-out engaged on my Mozilla settings) and thanks to the prioritizing capabilities on Remember The Milk, it is easy to see where the stress and lack of being able to figure out what to do next comes from: everything is red since everything is priority 1.
  • So yes I do have trouble prioritizing accurately but even when I look at things objectively, they really do seem all equally important.
  • Again the need for an office flask... at least short of the possibility of a clear-headed assistant.
  • Again, too, the thought that in some ways it really is a miracle I've made it this far and have accomplished as much as I have.
  • And the hope that more things will reach fruition, however incredibly, maybe even some of the things on the current To Do list!

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Applecart T. a dit…

But you have time for blogging, which I have abandoned (not on purpose, but, well, next blog post may explain).

wv: noisties : )

Susan a dit…

I didn't feel like you've abandoned it! but I haven't been very good at mutual blog reading lately so it all looked pretty new/current to me when I was over there last :)