Team Sweetpants Update

Well for those of you who know Jessica, you heard it here first: Harland will be home in a couple weeks. Yay J&H!

Additionally (far lesser news) J & I have officially decreed that not only should corn syrup advertisements be outlawed but stupid Amazon Joe Schmoe No-Real-Bookseller-Experience Booksellers should be given an exam on proper book description protocols before being allowed to peddle their wares online, and Mother Nature deserves a big Thumbs Up on chipmunk design. Those racing stripes are the pièce de résistance of the animal kingdom.

Mama, well done, you!

(Full disclosure - Jessica thinks MN also deserves special mention for koala bear design, but I am too mesmerized by Chipmunk Perfection just now to weigh in all the way, having seen one on campus the other day which delighted me to no end. Honestly few things give me a bigger kick than seeing chipmunks. Witness the fact that moments before I had also seen a Really Quite Minuscule baby lizard. And yet the chipmunk remains the highlight from my campus wildlife-populated trek into Daniel Monday morning.)

Beyond all that if anyone knows a way to help Jessica and me with our addictions to Wii-Yahtzee (tee hee - J this is still making me giggle) and Hulu/Netflix Instant Watch, respectively, please add your ideas in the comments. Hurry tho - Jessica is well into tonight's Yahtzee session by now and here I go for the new episode of Rescue Me...

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Jessica a dit…

Luckily it is also Top Chef night, so I quit Yahtzee at the appropriate hour of 10pm to see who wins on Top Chef this week. Good luck with watching ONE episode of Rescue Me!

Susan a dit…

tee hee - actually I did only watch one altho I admit afterwards I spent a few minutes online with my continuing search for old 16 oz Bosco Ware mugs... to no avail, alas. then to bed altho sleep took a while... also if "Rescue Me" doesn't get better again next year I'm going to take it off my list - they're sorely slipping I think.