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As promised you get to see how I broadened my work horizons this week, literally.

First you can come in our office...

Only 6 of us in here now. We on the right hand side have the added Christophe-inspired benefit of quasi-closed cubicles. Mine is the first on the right (just past the green chairs).

This is why - OK well partly why - my head has been so muddled: 2 sq. feet of work space, anyone? This semester in particular things reached critical mass for some reason. Last week one night I was just sitting at my desk, frozen, because I literally did not have room to organize all the to-be-graded stuff, let alone actually work. That's when the decision to use my own laptop came in. Two officemates are already on that road and I've gazed in envy at their clean desktops... Now, at Aub*rn this kind of thing would never be a problem; one of the few things I miss besides my social life is how conscientious that university and its IT staff, and esp. the IT staff in the College of Liberal Arts, was about employees needing to have a functional and comfortable work environment, and the correct tools to enhance same. So it does burn me up a bit to have to use my own equipment at work but the payoff is pretty impressive so I've decided not to dwell on it.

This is the bohemoth monitor that was the main problem. I have asked about flat monitors and was told that there is a waiting list - in fact none of us have flat monitors even tho we have these smallish desktops... I measured the depth of the desk here where I stashed Gargantua (on left) and it is 14" deep - note that the monitor still sticks out the front even tho it is pushed back against the wall. Honestly even with the dearth of space on my desk I hadn't realized it was THAT big.

Ahhhh. Now THAT'S better, no? I've since rearranged things a bit more attractively but you get the idea space-wise I think. Eventually the Mac will be coming to school with me but I'm glad my refurb is still moderately healthy in the meantime.

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Bill a dit…

Wow, a whole 2 square feet! Whatcha complaining about, LOL. I believe the square footage for the average prison cell here in Massachusetts is slightly larger.
Fantastic job on the reorg - it will really pay off big time for you (and your students). Congrats and thanks for sharing the pics Susan.

Susan a dit…

Tks so much Bill - actually it looks even better now and after I get one more handydandy self-standing bookend thingy from Ofc Depot today I will have everything organized Just So. So nice to breath - I've already accomplished a handful of things I was putting off partly due to space (and partly due to inclination of course, but well...)