Christmas Morning Memories

This is me and Leah and my always-photogenic mother on Christmas in Augusta, Georgia, in 1983... obviously some of us would rather still be in bed...

Let's hope I look slightly more presentable tomorrow later today, tho I probably can't hope to look as good as Mom does here. I have to admit I most definitely did not inherit her photo-readiness gene.

Merry Christmas, everybody. Bonnes fêtes!
Ahem. Get a load of those early-80's specs. Sheesh.

2 commentaires:

Applecart T. a dit…

is that really your hair? is that a deliberate style? it seems like it is to me : )

Susan a dit…

I know - it would normally take lots of hairspray or something to get hair to do that - truly the worst bed head I ever had in my life... such a funny pic - so glad I had it on the computer - was looking for something more traditionally Christmas-y but this is a riot.