Für Eric, and the rest of you, too

Here's the coffee song - please JFF or someone alert Eric that it's posted for him in case he's not been online for a while.

I think the rest of you will get a slight kick out of it, too, in the absence of my being up for doing all my Major Online Socialness Catchup, at least. If it's not kick-worthy then just consider it a musical thank you for all your FB messages and emails and HOV comments during my crazy last several weeks of funk and stress. I sincerely appreciate it and promise I'm almost back. So yay.

One more preface-y note: does anyone know why b&w vid makes me look like I have no upper lip? Hmmm.

Geez just sing woudja? The actual song is at approx. 1:15 if you want to scroll up and skip the yacking.

I admit I did do some online scribing this evening, if you can call it that. It was on a certain teaching blog, so as some of you can imagine it was more like vomiting than anything either creative or entertaining. Those of you who do not know about that blog, I can't think of any of you really who shouldn't be privy to it so if you're interested email me and I'll give you the link. I don't post it anywhere on here or on FB, whether to preserve secrecy or to protect you all from an accidental vitriol OD (i.e., those visiting the teaching blog should probably have a wee idea what they're about to jump into.) There is the hope of course that with another couple of years here that blog will turn more humorous again like it did in Aub*rn, rather than 100% bile and spleen... yada yada yada...

And so it goes.

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Kelly a dit…

omg--love the coffee song!!! i also love that you are able to videotape yourself. i am absolutely paralyzed by cameras pointing at me. this has been the number one reason why i have not pursued the long-term relationship that george clooney so desperately desires. i fight it, but all i can think is "jesus christ, does my hair color really look like the hay that a 12th-century common whore would have fed a sick cow?" or "why do i look like i weigh 6406 pounds more than a great whale here?"
anyway, you rock it out and on (plus being very on-task, with the office setting!!!), and i don't even know what this crap is about lips! and i loved the video!!!
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!