Mitraillette #113, being a more cliché'd, bloggy post than normal, but well...

In no particular order but since you need catching up...
  • Fun date last night. And surreal... 'cause, you know, me?! dating...!? Next we'll have stopped global warming in its tracks.
  • And I only said one bad word. And we'll have world peace.
  • Tremendous last minute Christmas card idea and second year in a row I didn't spend any money on new materials! (Pays to be an art crap pack rat.)
  • I had to enable stupid comment moderation due to the idiot Japanese porn hack spam comments I'm getting. I don't understand how that happens since the word recognition thingy is on there. Oh well.
  • Lucy is playing with the printer. Wish she would figure out what's wrong with it while she's down there. It says "FULL" on the ink but is printing as if it's anything but. Guess I'm adding a printer cartridge purchase to today's errands or else going to the office tonight to print my MD directions.
  • Kelly and Shawn are going to adopt TC, whose new name will be Coco Chanel the Tuxedo Cat... that is if I can catch her sometime today. Yesterday's attempt was for naught. She is as wily, it turns out, as she is cute and she ABSOLUTELY KNOWS that something is afoot. Cross your fingers, all.
  • Finals are over. I barely survived. Now happily in academic work denial mode :)
  • I made a ton of fun cookies yesterday and the day before... guess some of you know what you're getting for Christmas! Altho of course they'll be late... Tant pis.
  • Tully got a clean bill of health for our trip from the Toyota guys but they couldn't readjust the driver's side door. (It will not stay open at the intermediate setting, only the super wide open one, which means that in the school parking lot, where I'm almost always on an incline, you have to be really careful not to hit the car next to you, or get squished your own self, depending).
  • Again missing Dad's ingenuity. I know he could figure out a way to make the hinge tighter or something so that at least it wouldn't swing open so fast or he could figure a way to make it stick better in the middle. I got a lot of his intellect and it manifests itself regularly (I have my most recent invention to share with you in another post) but so far I'm at a loss with this, aside from the idea of taking a sledge hammer and forcibly changing the shape of the little extender bar thanks to which the door is supposed to stick open... Hmmm.
  • I'm already missing Sam and Lucy in anticipation of my trip! They think I'm bonkers; I keep hugging on them and waking them up from naps to pet them and talk to them. I'm such a dork. :)
  • Speaking of animals, met a tremendously fun collie last night. Reminiscences of Kate's Flora years ago. Those collie noses are so persistent!
  • Gained 12 pounds this fall. Better than the 14 it seemed like last week but less good than the 10 I thought it was the other day. Now that Martha is done my weight is accurate I think.
  • Taking running shoes and yoga mat with me to MD and eating far healthier and far less ever since finals ended. The good thing about spring is hopefully I'll be too busy to eat too much. Har.
  • Of course various school tasks that I was supposed to have already begun for the new semester. Ahem. Should at least do the 200-level syllabi while I'm in MD - all I have to do is change the dates on those. The 100-level I had planned to reformat since I've been using these super-anal tables for those and they are murder to re-edit (at least for someone like me who taught herself how tables work and therefore does not always exactly know the most efficient way to make tables do what she wants them to do). Nyernt nyernt. Thank goodness Kelly is doing the 101 since she's the only one teaching it in spring. The other two shouldn't need too many changes aside from taking the tables away and reformatting the text.
  • And yet it makes me tired even to think of it.
  • Hmmm.
  • Fun with iTunes! I love my Mac! Some of you know iTunes has always hated me... come to find out that thanks to my Mac, now iTunes loves me as much as it loves everyone else in the world! yay!
  • It's good to be loved.
  • Some very fun pics lately of Griz, our newest porch diner. He is truly a beauty. Another desertee, I'm pretty sure - he comes up and sniffs my hand altho will not quite let me pet him. Pretty much living on the porch these days. I'm going to Lowe's today to get some doweling (one of the many errands) which I will duct tape to my biggest cooler to make an improv shelter on the porch for a couple of the kits. We'll see if they use it. They can still go under the house anyway - the crawl space door is open under the porch.
  • I'll be tossing loads of photos at you all over the next few days I'm sure, plus will probably get shots of the Clay dogs in MD.
  • We have a new thermostat and our heater was repaired! S&L still think it's too cold but I'm really happy that we no longer have to turn it on full blast every few hours to keep the chill off.
  • Promise I'll be catching up on email and FB and blogreading/commenting now that my head and spirit are getting unburied for a while. :)
  • Errands errands errands...
  • Bai.

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