Obviously some of you are not crossing your fingers very hard...

Here we go again. I guess it's going to be like this every year - crazy Russian French roulette of apartment hunting agencies. If last year's hadn't been a bit steep money-wise and a bit tight space-wise (when students came over anyway - our budget is such that we hold class in the director's apt. on occasion) I could just deal with the same people year in year out. The hope is that if this year's person (assuming a workable place finally works out) is cool, we can circumvent the agency garbage next year. The system is designed for inefficiency. Each agency has to contact the landlord every time you say you're interested in something, so far about 75% of the time the apt in question has already been rented for the times you need unbeknownst to the agency. When it has not, they give you 24 hours to turn in all the paperwork and payment stuff (which is not exactly efficient on my end either, especially given that my money lady at Study Abroad is a bit - um - special.

Anyway here - latest frontrunner due to unavailability of the previous faves (actually a better location than the next to last one and brighter than the last one altho a little smaller {shrug} - and seriously those fingers better be white-knuckled!

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Bill a dit…

Hmmm.... my friggin' fingers are sore from being crossed. Damn landlord better come through this time or I'm going to be permanently twisted (oh wait, I already am twisted!).

BTW, all the places really look great. Lucky you to be in Paris. I might be green with envy but I can't tell because I'm color-blind.

So here's a clip of Manu Katche - a jazz drummer who is HUGE (at least in the jazz world) in Paris - enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKdPq31LHU0&feature=related