elevator moratorium

This year I have an elevator but I've successfully eschewed it no matter how tired every day and no matter how many times I stop back at home for stuff or to drop things off.

NB: I'm on the 6th floor (US) of my building (5th FR).


I even took the stairs the two times students have needed to stop over with me real quick - one time I BEAT them to the apt. even tho they took the elevator (and got in the same time I started up the stairs); the other time I got up to my floor just as they were exiting the elevator. Yes, my elevator is fairly old and slow, but still... not too shabby I think.

If I don't get in shape this summer it won't be my fault!

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Marty a dit…

I JUST figured out how to post to the blog! Sorry about the email message!!

GOOD GRIEF!! You are now running up 5 floors before the elevator gets there??? I better get to work...I haven't lost a pound since you left, although I AM walking almost every morning.

My comment on email about the TV is that it's too bad you have to watch so many US shows!! Get away from the TV!! Stand BACK!! It can be hazzardous to your health!!

Keep having fun!! Wish I was there, too!!

Susan a dit…

I'm not really watching them - it was mostly just cultural info for you all - sometimes I watch US shows tho but it's no big - they're all dubbed of course - it's still good listening exposure :)