La perspective française??

Notice anything slightly strange? These are pics I wouldn't show to just anyone, you know. Too many people would say they were proof of the closed-off-ness or maybe a certain egotism (to avoid the word some of the students have used this year due to a couple of unfortunate incidents: "meanness") of French people. To me they seem quite incongruous since I don't find French people to be closed-off at all. In fact I thought the first one had to be a mistake but the other day the other one appeared in the apt. building, so I decided it wasn't.

And deep down I think it's kind of fun that a doormat should be at least equally concerned with cheering the residents of the home as it is with visitors. It's kind of a command as you leave each day: hey! rock on! or sim.

(In case it's not obvious - these are the outsides of other apt. doors in my bldg. - it might seem like it's from inside the apts but remem. we're in City Apt Heaven.)

5 commentaires:

Applecart T. a dit…

do you mean that it's sunny on the outside and only says "welcome" when you are already in?

my first impression was that the doors were over-varnished! : )

Susan a dit…

yeah - the fact that they are aimed at people coming out of the abode, not at visitors :)

Applecart T. a dit…

i finally used my eyes and read your footnote : )
(that it's 2 different doors).

Marty a dit…

I got your sweet post card! Thank you! So glad your toilet problem here was such an easy fix for Steve...all is well! Keep having fun, and I'll see you at the airport sooner than you want me to, I'm sure!!

Susan a dit…

sorry to say I didn't even think of the fact that that would be confusing - they do look like the same door! :) Marty it will not be sooner than I want at all! - maybe just not on the preferred continent?! :) just confirmed my flights, etc., so all appears set. I am looking forward to seeing everyone, not esp. looking forward to school tho - doh!