Et tu, Blogger?

It's getting so that you can't depend on anything anymore and the worse things go, the worse other things start going as well. Even things you thought were, if not particularly innovative or helpful at least, not trouble-making.

Why are only a few stinking blogposts showing regardless of my settings?!?!?!

Sigh. Whenever I have the spirit and time and energy to play here regularly again I'll be switching to Wordpress or something.

Last Straw City, baby.

Thursday - found out why this is happening - glad I'm not the only discontented Blogger blogger.

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Oh a dit…

honestly, you made me laugh with this. It's the "last straw city, baby" line.

I get snaggled and tangled up in Wordpress sometimes. Just saying that I don't know if there's one that's perfection but it's worth it to perservere despite choice of format.

Susan a dit…

I hear you Oh - I have done some blogging on wp actually and it's true sometimes I think "six o' one, half dozen o't'other" as my mom would say - when I have trouble on wp I never know tho whether it's wp's fault or the fact that my head is too bloggerized :)

Applecart T. a dit…

you know more about this html etc. than i : (
i do know that WP drives me batty at the worksite, but then i don't even touch the programming there. it just doesn't always do what you ask it to do in fonts / picks up extra/random code, which is what i bet happened here. settings can be set, but unless you know how to read the c-whatever code, there might be some random taggles that are there anyway.

not helpful!

Susan a dit…

the problem is that the problem IS the settings :) Blogger defaults to a set number no matter what you say in your settings - they decided they want the blogs to load quicker - even if your priority is that more stuff show and you don't care how long it takes for your blog to load. so much for free will! :)

Bill a dit…

Watch out, the Republicans are onto this and are trying to blame it on the Prez. They're calling this Obama-Blog, a new all encompassing program to take care of your blogging needs without any choice.

How ya been Suzie?? Hope all is well.

Susan a dit…

Bill! long time no see/read! how are you? yeah actually I think it's probably the Republicans causing it in the first place :P

Applecart T. a dit…

i hate Free things; they never work the way you want them to. like Facebook — it keeps not loading things and timing out.

i wonder how long it would take to drive to where you are?

Susan a dit…

I know - and then you feel like you're looking a gift horse in the mouth if you gripe to them about it - or (worse) they think the free-ness justifies their not having very good support protocols... -- no idea on the drive but you're welcome anytime you want some slightly warmer temps and some greenery and mtns and small town charm - ahem - small football university town charm that is :) <3