How to find Susan's birth county in 11 easy steps (more or less) OR, what I did just now instead of working even tho I have 4 tons of backed up grading

Every so often I have to know my county of birth for some (stupid) document or other. Years ago after ages of online searching to no avail I ended up calling someone in the city hall of my birth city to ask them. They couldn't tell me either because my birth city spans 3 different counties.

Of course it does.

So I ended up putting the county they thought was most likely.

And neglected to note this county anywhere in my computer memos, which is very unlike me, especially with info, even possibly erroneous info, that was hard to get.

So today for my jury duty form (don't ask me why they need my birth county - they already had almost all the other info for me already) I went back online. Here are easy steps to find your birth county, plus you'll need some luck, plus -preferably- you should have been born somewhere that people might talk about in a forum.

  1. knowing that Aurora, Colorado, spans three counties, I googled instead "Fitzsimmons Army Hospital"
  2. no address readily seen - several mentions that made it clear that "Fitz" is either defunct or has changed names and no good info on its current name if it still exists
  3. googled "where was Fitzsimmons Army Hospital"
  4. Shazam! Second hit was a veterans' (I think) forum discussing various VA venues and issues (apparently Fitzsimmons was turned into a VA hospital for a while)
  5. one veteran was trying to see where it used to be and someone who worked as a nurse there in 1969-1970 answered that it was on the NE corner of Peoria Ave. and E. Colfax St.
  6. I switched to google earth
  7. I entered the intersection details
  8. found the spot and put a pushpin for "where I was born" since that is one thing I had yet to mark on google earth
  9. then I switched the details to "show boundaries and labels" (or sim.?)
  10. zoomed out
  11. the old location for Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Aurora, CO, is actually almost on the county line (Peoria is one of the county boundaries) but just barely in Adams Co.

Pretty fun.

Of course there's still a chance this is wrong since the primary info came from humans rather than anything official.

Much more fun than grading.

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