Goodbye Nina, we are praying for your happiness.

I took Nina to Gr**nville yesterday. The Gr**nville Humane Society is renowned for being hands-on and very careful about screening adopters and letting them know about their new pet's particularities down to the Nth detail. Also they are quasi-no-kill. That is, if Nina is there til their time limit without adoption or is deemed otherwise not adoptable they will call for her to be reclaimed instead of put down.

Kelly helped us because you have to be a city resident in order to leave animals there; the Humane Society closer to me supposedly is dreadful and the no-kill shelter in Seneca is of course still full (but really I'm not sure how many people know to go there - whenever I mentioned it to anyone only one person knew that they had a shelter).

I opted not to try the foster family shelters that were listed on Petfinder because I figured she'll get more exposure at GHS plus they have a vet on staff and maybe s/he will find a way to manage her little chronic health issue better than the advice I had got from Fox N*st. (I don't think I mentioned it on here but basically it deals with poop and physiognomy and taillessness.)

So she needs a truly cat person who will view her beauty as compensation for any minor rear end maintenance issues. I figure she will almost certainly get adopted, and if not I will take it as a sign from the universe or something and we will squeeze her in. But I really think the universe probably agrees with me that she and we would be better off with her finding her own home. Of course time will tell.

Enough words. Here are the latest pics of Little Miss Photogenic:

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Kelly a dit…

although it was sad to take her to the shelter, i agree with your friend on facebook--you were a blessing to her when she needed a healing, caring, understanding, and loving heart in her life. i feel sure that's why she adopted you for those last few weeks! she is an amazing cat, and i know that someone--the right someone--will see that through the ghs and she will have an amazing home. she is a firework à la katy perry, and she will be lighting up someone's life so soon...

Susan a dit…

thank you and I agree re her being a firework :) from our thoughts to the universe's ears as to her lighting someone's life up soon - they will be very lucky.

Applecart T. a dit…

I wish Nina love and luck.
We've been scanning the online shelter pics and profiles locally … oh, there are always at least 4 really perfect ones (for us; Nina is too active; we need old : )
Still pending … cats are a commitment!
You were Nina's best buddy so far.

Susan a dit…

well it wasn't hard she was such a sweetie! I'm sure you guys will find a nice old calm moggy very soon! (or at least I'm sending lots of shelter success vibes for you) :)