what to do...

...when you have two tests to grade, a budget to overhaul, two rec. letters to write, and 400 grades to record on Blackboard:

Make a pie, of course.

I'm happy I haven't lost my knack for crusts - this one was great as usual even tho this is my first pie since moving to Clems•n. (!) I'm pretty happy with how clean it came out of the plate and also how firmly the filling set up.

I did 2/3 the amount of sugar and it's yummy; I'm going with still less next time.

It needs to be as few unnecessary calories as possible if I'm going to binge and eat it all in two days.

WISH I were kidding.

Yummy but slightly pitiful.

2 commentaires:

Applecart T. a dit…

pie counts as regular food; it's not junk food.

FIRST pie in C-town? seriously? can't believe.

yes, pie is important.

eat up, sister.

Susan a dit…

I know - the fact that I haven't made one since coming here (among lots of other Me-things that I haven't done since moving here) illustrates how big a deal it is that I finally did make one... hopefully will start doing some of the other things again, too (like maybe writing letters and doing my holidays cards again? altho I did do this latter the first year, but not since). And I really did eat it in 2 days - it came out of the oven Sunday about 11pm and the last piece went in my stomach Tuesday at 7pm or so :)