Mitraillette #713

Because she can.
  • Grading parties at Moe Joe's with Jay (and Sherri when she's not under the weather) are making me almost as productive as I used to be in A*burn!
  • Laura the cat/housesitter came over today for her Frontline tutorial with Sam & Lucy - it went pretty well altho both of them looked at me like, "No fair changing the rules of the game. Everyone knows you're supposed to do that at night so that we know when to hide."
  • Still unseasonably cool in the Upst*te - might have a rather seamless climate re-acclimation (kee) this year when I get to France.
  • Jay has been showing me his graphic communications students' final projects - how wonderful it must be to have students really keen on what you're teaching and the majority eager to do a great job, and THAT for more than just their GPA. Hmmm.
  • I really want to sing the Mendelssohn "Ich wollt meine lieb" aka "I would that my love" as a duet with Susan Ch*ndler after I get back, either as a potential piece for UU (Elaine suggested for Valentine's Day service) or just for fun. Sent her a YouTube sample the other day, don't yet know if it's piqued her interest. I think we would sound great.
  • My dream of being skinny before Paris did not come to fruition. Spring break totally messed up my workout momentum (and my schoolwork momentum for a long while too actually). Crap.
  • Not that it matters; I'll be so broke this time that I won't have money for any fun French clothes anyway (the biggest reason for being skinny there). 
  • Way to look at the bright side, Susan!
  • Oh, I'm all over silver linings, y'all.
  • Already missing the kits; must stop thinking about that. What's that quote about regret being the most wasted emotion? Dread should probably be #2.
  • Sammers has decided he likes those Alessi thin breadsticks as much as I do. He is a much bigger pest when I'm eating those than with anything else. Ice cream is a distant second, and beyond that he really doesn't pay attention. Get those breadsticks tho and you'll have a certain tawny cat climbing all over you.
  • Do you feel caught up on Susanfixes?
  • I'll keep trying. There's REAL hope that the blogging is on the upswing again; I've been writing letters and journaling the last few weeks almost as much as before the great Clemson Funk set in. As I told my cousin Beth in an email this eve, the Susan-in-France postcard machine might even be back in business (systematically sent regular pc's to all and sundry every single overseas trip prior to 2009 - rather spoiled everyone actually). 
  • On verra.

2 commentaires:

Applecart T. a dit…


my cat will eat anything. crackers, chips, cookies … not that i let her have more than a pinky-fingernail's worth.

my plans of weight loss are likewise failing. and while there are cheap clothes to be had state-side, i don't want to buy new/bigger ones!

Susan a dit…

raise your hand if you think Trancy-chan needs to lose weight... um don't see any :) tee hee - I know I know, it's kind of in the eyes of the erm... carrier...? funny re the kits - I do the same thing - anytime it's people food I give them such a small amount Sammers gives me that "are you fricking serious?!" look.