Aborted Mitrailleuse

Haven't had a good old fashioned machine-gun post of random Susandoin's for a long spell...
  • in the category of "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" we could add "Favorite super sharp chef's knives don't hurt people, flibbertigibbet users hurt themselves" - nuf said, probably - except thank goodness for fingernails, and no, don't worry - almost no damage compared to what it could have been - this happens every year or so (I should probably put a reminder on gcal prior to extra-stressful or busy times to give that knife to a friend to keep for a few weeks) but this time I didn't even need to go to urgent care or anything (last time I could see my thumb bone and yet they still only butterfly-closed it anyway)
  • Griz is quite sick. Now that it's finals week I hope to have better luck getting him to the vet- scheduling from here thru my departure allows for more open mornings per week in order to try to catch and then shuttle him to Animal House :) for them to work him in. He's tamer than TC so hopefully if there is a failed attempt he will not stay away as long as she did
  • speaking of TC the Hairless Wonder, same vet plan is still in play for her but she's a much bigger challenge, despite her diminutive size - at least she's relatively healthy aside from the hair-licking issue so if it takes longer to catch her no big.
  • Oh man - I totally got distracted and lost my train of thought.
  • I'm still going to post this.
  • Unwritten blogging laws would call that irresponsible blogging but oh well.
  • Colm Meaney rocks.
  • So does Vincent D'Onofrio.
  • I'm hungry.

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