Some of you will remember a particularly endearing phase of Sam's where he would wait til I left the room and curl up on the laptop keyboard in Aub*rn. Several times this resulted in the opening of 400 windows one behind the other, or in changing various settings, or in making things go entirely black. One time I went to a computer at school to google info on whatever new problem had been created since I couldn't see anything on my monitor.

One of the worst by-products of my current penchant for falling asleep on the couch while watching Hulu or Netflix Instant Watch is that at 4h30am (the time that Sam and Lucy have decided recently that they really should be having breakfast instead of 5h) Sammers has started (seemingly) purposely walking on the Mac keyboard; he at first would stand on single keys until they made that high pitched repetitive pinging sound, and then jump back - now I swear he aims for that effect. He's no longer startled by the sound and besides it's much more entertaining to see Susan jump up from a dead sleep at that crazy pinging sound of the Mac (I imagine the Mac kind of calling out like a little brother who is stuck in a big pesky brother's headlock - "Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!!!!" or a bear cub separated from it's mother by an unsuspecting hiker - it's a justifiable parallel - a mother's alertness to a child's SOS call and my own sometimes hypervigilance as per concerns the Mac).

Yesterday morning my startled-awake eyes lighted on Sam simply sitting on the keyboard; the pinging sound continued until I shoved him off. I was still pretty sleepy of course so paid little attention to anything else. I closed the cover and went to my bedroom for my remaining half hour of sleep.

Later as I was drinking my coffee, eating my morning banana (another diet threshold has been breached - I'm doing really well on caloric control so far but not as consistent on gymming...) and realized I had no idea what to wear since it had been getting a bit warmer in the daytimes yet the house just then was freezing. Weather Channel to the rescue! So I grabbed the Mac, put it on the dining table, and opened it to see ... well nothing at first. Everything was like a negative image so it took a few seconds of clicking around to realize what I was looking at, the most surreal thing being my desktop image... I tried to make you a screenshot but -so wacky!- the screenshot came out with positive image not negative! So you'll have to imagine the above done in negative.

It took a while to figure out how to undo it, way longer than it took for Sammers to activate it in the first place; it's wacky googling with a negative-image monitor.

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